I wanted to travel the world. Okay, so where do I begin? How do I plan a trip of a lifetime? One year ago I decided to take back control over my own life. I was writing my Master thesis, and I was saving to buy a house, and oh I had a boyfriend too.. The boyfriend made it really easy to end things, so that was one. Then I had to finish my thesis, boy oh boy, wasn’t that fun!? I was determined to finish it, because I really wanted to put the MSc title behind my name! Okay so, boyfriend gone, MSc title in the pocket, now what am I doing with that house? I was staring at my bank account thinking: “Who really needs a house anyway!?” So I got rid of my apartment too.

Good, no responsibilities, now where do I go? I was talking to one of my best friends who was planning to go to Shanghai for an internship for a couple of months. I’ve never been to China.. She also had great stories about the Trans Siberian Railway. Sounds cool.. The two of us needed about ten minutes in complete excitement to plan a trip together. I was going to bring her to China, we would take the train, and we’d begin our journey in Moscow! That was going to be in November, and we planned this in May. I can’t wait till November! So where do I go before that, so that my travel itinerary would still make sense? I want to go back to the States to visit my friends.. Right! Let’s go to the States! See friends in Indiana! Well if I’m there I want to see my friends in Los Angeles too, and in Albuquerque, and in New York. Fine, lets make it a Greyhound bus road trip! LA to NYC it is. Hmn.. But if I’m on that continent I might as well go to Canada too, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal.. I made it this far, can’t forget Quebec City.. This is probably the most impulsive period in my life, but it kind of made sense, because now I could fly from New York back to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam forward to Moscow. Then the train would take me through Russia, Mongolia and China. I wanted to see Hong Kong too. Okay enough Asia for now, let’s go to New Zealand and then back up to Australia. If you think my itinerary is a chaos now wait for what happened after Australia. I figured I would just go where I wanted to go. Free as a bird and no strings attached, so I went island hopping in Thailand. It has been 3 months since I last saw Europe, and I really felt like going to Europe. Not home, but you know just a little bit of that European allure. So I travelled to Helsinki, Berlin, Prague, Nürnberg, Munich, Salzburg, Graz, and Vienna. Maybe it’s time to go home, I really wanted to surprise my dad, which I did. 2 weeks later I went to Paris, Le Havre, Vienna again, Graz again, Vienna again, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Graz again, Vienna again, Paris again.. Made it home! Again.. Only for 4 days though, because I missed New York City, and I wanted to visit a friend in West Palm Beach and Miami. Which is where I am at right now.

I know how crazy it all sounds, but I don’t think I ever felt more myself than the past year. Following dreams, going to every destination you want to, trying to live out of a backpack, sleep on couches, and stay with friends you’ve met all over the world. This whole experience is something no one will ever take away from me. I did it and I’m not done yet. Next: Birthday party in London next week! You have got to live it up!


4 thoughts on “‘Travel Itineraries Don’t Have To Make Sense’

    1. You have to trust your instinct. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. I talk to fellow travelers a lot and with locals. Sharing experiences gave me so much input to know where to go and what to do.

      1. Good to know. I havent myself taken the first step to travelling alone and following where life takes me. It’s something I’d love to do, and hopefully will when the moment seizes me. Thank you for the advice!

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