There’s is only one city in the world that makes me feel more at home than home. A city so vibrant it never sleeps. Taxis rush by, lights lit up the darkness like the night never fell, skyscrapers forming an intense skyline, and a thousand different kinds of people buzzing in the streets. You feel the ambition in the air, it makes me wanna walk more confident, talk smarter, and live up to this city’s highest potential. I’m talking about no other city than New York City. The big apple has been my favorite city ever since we’ve first met in 2006. I took a wrong turn on JFK Airport during a long layover on my way to Ohio, all of a sudden I’m standing outside looking at a part of the New York skyline. Never in my life I saw something this incredible, I was 14 years old. Now 10 years later I’m sitting at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey for a layover on my way to Amsterdam. The thing I love about this airport is that there’s a full NYC skyline view from all terminals. I have been staring at the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building for hours, I can’t keep my eyes off it. The last time I was in the city was two weeks ago for a quick pit stop between Amsterdam and West Palm Beach. From Newark Liberty Airport the Air train and the NJ Transit takes you straight to NY Penn Station/Madison Square Garden in Manhattan in only half an hour. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I’m standing on the escalator going up towards 7th Avenue. You can hear the city approaching and once you step off the escalator you find yourself in the middle of New York madness. Today I have been debating to go into the city. I have a five hour layover, technically enough to run to the train, walk a little round on Times Square, wave to the Empire State Building, run back to the train, and catch my next flight. Homeland Security didn’t recommend that though, given the fact that I almost missed my connecting flight two weeks ago.. What can I say? New York City got me hooked. So, for today I just stare at it and dream.. How incredibly lucky am I sitting here, eating a nice croissant of Balthazar Bakery with this amazing city right there in front of me?! It almost wants to make me miss my flight to Amsterdam.

Back in the days New York City was called ‘New Amsterdam’. Does that mean I can just miss my flight and still follow my itinerary? Amsterdam.. New Amsterdam.. Does it really matter which one I go to? Oh well.. I guess the old Amsterdam will do for now.



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