Cancer can mean many different things in many different situations. For some people it means the end is near, for others it’s a chance to see life is worth living, rekindle relationships, abandon bad habits, finding strength in faith and friendships, or maybe something completely different, but the thing is.. cancer changes us, whether we have it ourselves or one of our loved ones. When a brain tumor was found in my mothers’ head all I could think of as a child was: “What does that mean?” I was perfectly aware of what a brain tumor was, but what does it mean for our future? What is going to happen? The first words I picked up were: “Is the tumor located left or right?” Apparently this made a big difference for my mothers’ functions and whether it is operable or not. Our brain is a very complicated part of our body, and the tiniest bit of luck can make all the difference. I learnt later that our brain is cross-wired, and it was a bit positive that my mothers’ brain tumor was located on the right. My mother was treated in the academic hospital of Erasmus University in Rotterdam. A team of highly specialized people told us that she could have surgery, but because it’s brain surgery it is unlikely to take everything out. This means follow up treatment would be necessary, but that was something for later. First we all had to focus on this extremely tough brain surgery. I was scared, but my mother was the most positive and optimistic woman I have ever seen. See wanted to be strong for everyone she loved around her. She wanted to live.

There are everlasting loves that continue to exist after death do us part. I lost my always-loving mother when I was 12 years old to brain cancer. A battle we could not win. This is my voice, my story, from a child’s perspective.


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