For the past eleven years people told me repeatedly, “Your life could be a book”. I always kind of laughed it away, but when I started to think about it seriously, the truth was.. I was afraid. Afraid to expose my words to the world, especially when it came to the darkest days of my life when I lost my mother as a young girl. At some point I realized that maybe my story is a story worth telling. Traveling around the world for the past eight months helped me become more confident as a person, and now I finally feel ready to share. After all these years. I enjoy writing about my travels and about random thoughts that come to my mind when I’m once again staring out the window of a long flight or during an everlasting train ride. I like to think it is good to reflect on the things that create who we are as a person. So far in my life, I was exposed to many different situations and emotions, all of that mixed together forms me. Just me. No one else. I have been walking around with all my thoughts deep down inside me. This doesn’t mean that I am a quiet person, believe me I’m not, but there is a side of me that I didn’t want to share until now. Especially speaking from the perspective of being a child who lost her mother. So many people have been in the same predicament as me, but it is hard to share intense thoughts. You don’t want to make people cry and you don’t want to drown yourself in your own tears of sadness, but maybe in the end we all realize we are not alone. Not alone in this world, not alone in our opinions, and definitely not alone in rough situations. I do admit that writing everything down can be hard at times, but it is also a relief. With every supportive comment I receive I feel the weight on my shoulders become a little lighter.

If you do feel lonely, let us be alone together.


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