Sometimes I come home, I fly to Amsterdam or Rotterdam and I stare out of the window. It’s a small country, which pops up while preparing for landing. All of a sudden everything is green and blue. Farm land, wind mills, water, more water, a lot of water. It’s also a very populated country. I look down and see all those little houses, towns, villages, cities. Every once in a while I’d see a skyline of a financial district of a big city. Home. It’s home. Even though I fly away every chance I get, Holland is home. Sometimes I would only be in the country for a couple of days, but then I realize how much I appreciate the little things in life. The routine of my hometown, running into people I have known for a long time at the local supermarket, even the grocery shopping part is thrilling, the Dutch do know how to do good food. Today I went to my favorite hair salon. After a warm welcome I sat down for a couple of hours, while my hair would get a fresh look after I once again didn’t take care of it that well while traveling. It’s all about the little things, familiar faces, everyday stuff. It’s not adventurous, it’s not exhilarating, but it does feel good. After months of uncertainty, there is always a safe haven for me in The Netherlands. The best part? Hugging my dad. Without a doubt that is the best part. Sometimes I think he is my safe haven. Not only do I value the little things and my loved ones, I value life. I cannot say often enough that life is meant for living. Today is almost over, at least in this time zone. We won’t get today back. We talk about second chances in life, but we can’t turn back time. We live here and we live now. Enjoy every second of every day.

I know I will.


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