Religion, gender, political colors, ethnicities, preferences, what is it with mankind that we want to think in little boxes? The moment we meet somebody, for better or for worse, we immediately color in the blanks and decide what to think. We hold on to stereotypes, certain perspectives, and don’t allow others to show their true colors before we judge. Usually I try not to care about what other people think. Most of us are perfectly capable of thinking for ourselves, besides we don’t have to agree on every single thing in life. There is one thing we should all agree on though. Whatever differences we may have, it’s not worth killing over. Killing each other is something I do not understand. Fathers, mothers, children, brothers, we all suffer from endless fights against opinions. Sometimes we have a choice, a choice to turn around and walk away from the evil that’s coming towards us. Unfortunately not everyone gets that opportunity. Sometimes decisions are made for us. There are people in this world that want to force their will on us. They are prepared to kill for their greater good, not ours, theirs, and they’re even willing to lose their own life fighting for what they believe in. I love life, the little things, the big things, everything. When life is rough I try to make it better. I believe in opportunities, and I believe in being who we are without hurting others. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that every day people lose their lives, because of the opinions of others. Is it power? Is it money? Is it our stubbornness? If someone just sits down and thinks, reasonably, is it worth it to kill? To kill lovers, because they love someone you don’t approve of? When is love wrong? Is it ever? Is it worth it to kill, because you believe in a different standard? Shouldn’t love bring comfort instead of murder? Hope and happiness instead of blood. Is it ever justified to murder a human being? All I see the last years is pain, because people don’t agree on how to live life or because they are not satisfied with their own life. Life is means for living, no matter what we believe. It’s how we act that makes a difference. Unite. Unite with love. Unite for love.

Unite. For Freedom.


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