There are certain things that truly inspire us, in my case there are many. Sometimes our inspirations are an example for us. They set out a course about how to live our lives. The best example I ever had? My mother.

I have been talking about her a lot recently. Maybe because I finally found some peace of mind or maybe because I am finally ready to accept she is not with us anymore. Either way I have been trying to find the strength to write everything down – all the things she taught me, how special she was, and what an incredible vibe she had around her. I am here to continue her legacy, because it was so much greater than I think she ever realized herself. If I could only be half of everything she was – I would be more than anyone ever expected I could be.

Unfortunately, I am also writing about the difficult moments. Some days I look straight into my soul and realize all the things I would have wanted to do differently with my mother. Tell her I love her every day.. and not waste any moments I had with her. It is hard to face the negative, but I feel more and more connected with her the longer we are apart.

She may be a lifetime away, but keeping her alive in writing brings us closer than ever before.


4 thoughts on ““I Am With Her – Trudie”

  1. There’s something about the dead a wise man said: you die twice, when you pass away and when nobody remembers you. So don’t forget the one you love so much!

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