They say people can’t change. I beg to differ. Not in an “I want you to change for me” or “Oh, look how much you have changed” kind of way. Those are coming from outside forces, and the outside would never truly understand what’s within. All my life I didn’t know where I was heading, do I know now? Maybe, I sure know where I don’t want to be.

In order to know what you want in life you have to know who you are – or at least what you stand for. I have been on a quest searching for myself for quite some time now. Sometimes I lose track of the path I was taking, I get a bit lost, and wander around in the dark for awhile, but I always find my way back to where I am supposed to go. It is my intuition that guides me back to the light. I learned that there is nothing as difficult as getting to know yourself, because what are you going to do if you find things you don’t like? You can’t walk away; you have to face whatever you have inside you. I guess you can run, but I ran long enough. Only by facing your fears, inner demons, and even your darkest thoughts you can overcome all of them and be the best version of yourself.

For me asking myself “Who Am I” was the research question of all I did the last two years and possibly even before that, maybe a better question for you is “Who Are You?”

Are you sure you want to know?


5 thoughts on ““Who Am I? You Sure You Want To Know?”

  1. I’m completely with you here. I’ve also been on a search for who exactly I am too over the last few years, and I think it’s so important to take the time to get to know yourself. Especially in our time of life! Great post! 🙂

  2. Hey Manon! I really like your post. It’s so easy to not face yourself today and let yourself be distracted by a thousand things on the outside. I think that’s why we become lost sometimes. We’re looking for answers or distractions on the outside, so we don’t have to face ourselves, when I truly believe we have the answers inside of us if we just dare to look inwards.. But it’s not easy…

  3. We are all on the pace of figuring out we really are and what will make us happy. It a long struggle for me as well. For me, the hardest part is was just knowing where to begin. Through my journey, I found keeping an empty notebook and write out any thoughts in my mind at any moment is really helpful. This not only clear my mind but also help me understand myself better.

  4. by facing your fears, inner demons, darkest thoughts, overcoming all of them, you will start to know who you are and become the best version of yourself!
    Well said, Manon 👏🏻

  5. 6 Honest Signs You Have A Unique Personality That Everyone Secretly Admires

    Have you ever noticed people don’t seem to know what to say when they’re around you, like they’re uncomfortable, not comfortable being themselves?

    It may seem like they don’t like you, but that’s not it: They just don’t know how to handle you.

    Because you are so authentically yourself, people don’t know how to handle you, how to interact with you, how to be themselves around you (because they aren’t fully comfortable being themselves).

    Really, though? They’re jealous.

    Because they want to be able to be authentic like you, but they don’t know how.

    And why wouldn’t they? Being yourself is the most rewarding way to live.

    So when people are acting strangely around you because they want to be authentic like you, this is why:

    1) You don’t live your life in fear

    Everyone has fears. You don’t give in to those fears like other people, though, and as a result, you live life to the fullest—in a way that makes other people jealous.

    You know, though, that fear is simply another opportunity to learn and grow, and that the best growth comes from when you escape your comfort zone.

    You know that fear isn’t a reason to stop, but rather a reason to grow and become a bigger, better version of yourself.

    2) You just want to listen and learn

    As part of living your life to the fullest, you want to listen and learn from the world around you.

    When you have conversations with others, you really listen. You hear them for who they are.

    3) You guard against fake people

    Because you know exactly who you are, you also know who you can trust and who you can let into your life.

    You don’t let other people tell you who are, what you can do, or what you should do: You do you.

    And as a result, you don’t let fake or phony people into your life, and definitely not into your trusted circle.

    Instead, you surround yourself with people who make you better.

    4) And you’re not afraid to let them know it

    There’s no point in putting up with people who pride themselves on their falseness. So when people make judgments, or say stupid things, or posture, you’re not afraid to say something about it.

    You think for yourself, and don’t see any reason they can’t do the same.

    5) You don’t need their attention

    You don’t need them to like you: That’s superficial, meaningless, and not what’s important.

    Instead, you’d rather do the things that are important to you, that give value to your life and to the world around you.

    That’s what’s important—not having others’ attention.

    6) You see insecurity as an opportunity

    You see your shortcomings. You know everyone else has them, too.

    The difference? You’re not afraid of your shortcomings. Instead, you take advantage of them, seeing them as opportunities to learn and evolve.

    You know that everybody is insecure. But you also know that not everyone has to stop this insecurity from letting them live their life and own the things they’re insecure about.

    Sure, your depth and authenticity can be difficult to be around for some people, but that’s only because they can’t put you into a stereotypical box.

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