The last week and months before that, many people have been discussing that what they called the fight of all fights – where two giants took it up against each other in this interspecies battle. A battle many people wanted to bet on, how about our own battles though? Who is behind us while we fight our fights?

Mayweather and McGregor taught us that we have to be smart about our moves, we have to be calculated, and it showed that we all have different skillsets. Sometimes it is better to play a long strategy, then to finish something fast. There are so many things that need to be taken into account, that’s how it works. Well, so does life.

Life is a battle, and some parts are more challenging than others. We fight people, we fight institutions, we fight for our rights, and most importantly – we fight ourselves, while becoming the human beings we want to be. It is not as entertaining as a boxing match and most times it is hard, but the fight of all fight for all of us.. I think is what makes us better people. It is good to be able to protect yourself, but when we are capable of letting ourselves in we might not only want to see change, we can try to be the change we would like to see in this world – and embrace it.


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