Speaking on funerals is not for everyone – or so I have been told. For me it was the last gift I could give to my mother, hoping it wasn’t too late and that see could hear me from above. That’s all I wanted, for her to listen to the words I so desperately wanted to tell her, but couldn’t when she was still alive.

It was hard to speak that day; many eyes were fixed on me while I tried to start talking. I looked at all the different faces, everybody was there, people were even standing in the back. As I started talking I couldn’t hold my tears, but it didn’t matter. I only wanted her to hear the words I could finally say out loud. It was part of closing this chapter and starting a new one, part of who I would become years later. A fire inside me woke up as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

I will forever cherish the moment I could say those last words, with all those there to witness it.


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