More and more I wake up after a dream without realizing the dream really happened. I like to think we reflect on our lives in our dreams. Last week I dreamt about Hong Kong. I was sitting along the river waiting for the famous light show.

The Hong Kong skyline is an impressive one, especially in the dark when lights make the view colorful and magical. I was sitting there for hours, not knowing what to expect. I was there alone with my thoughts, trying to figure out which building belonged to what companies. Trying to figure out life, what am I even doing here? In reality I only was there for maybe two hours, together with my cousin. My dream took it out of context and got me thinking. The first seconds after waking up I thought, “I should go to Hong Kong one day.” When the sleepiness faded away the memories of my travels came back. I saw so many different places that sometimes it feels unreel. I can’t keep up with my own memories. I was in Hong Kong in December, but it feels like a lifetime ago. It is quite different than China, more westernized and modern, but take a wrong turn and you will find yourself in little messy Asian streets. I always try to find a high point to look at a city from above. In Hong Kong this place is called The Peak. If you are lucky the sky is clear and free of smog, but even in the mist it makes a magical experience. When you look down on a city you realize how many people are just living their lives buzzing around the buildings, and there are all kinds of different individuals in the busy streets. When the night fell again the city lit up. First a couple small lights on the skyscrapers, later it becomes a sky full of stars. I envy skylines, they are just sitting there looking impressive and in power, a collective collaboration of buildings, making a city. When there is a skyline that is the memory we keep. We recognize it like a city’s signature.


One thought on ““Traveling For Too Long Turns Into A Dream”

  1. I was in Hong Kong twice in my life. I love the mixture of tradition and modernity. Moreover, with mountains, harbors, and skyscrapers all in one city, it has an urban landscape that’s hard to beat. I will love to go back there one day.

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