When you expose your story to the world, you wonder what aspects to share and what to keep to yourself. I am usually an open book, but that has not always been that way. For years I have been trying to find my voice and I made executive decisions on what was wise to say and what was not.

Over the years I learned that some things are better kept to ourselves, but I am a big supporter of sharing what’s on your mind nonetheless. As long as it’s not meant to hurt someone that is. How beautiful is it that we are capable of supporting each other, saying things out loud to make sure we are not alone. I felt like such an island for the longest time, but that’s not needed. I have so many beautiful people surrounding me since I knew who I was and what my voice sounds like. We all have the power to create our life with our own freewill. The choices we make guide us to the path that we want to walk on – not where we are pushed to be. And on that road we find the people we are meant to be with.

To not be alone, speak, listen – and walk together.


One thought on ““Don’t Walk Your Path Alone”

  1. This is such an encouraging post. Thank you! I was afraid of blogging and had a tough time on finding my voice. Then I realized we can’t be everything to everyone, but the blog can be a platform where I can build a great relationship with those people that resonate with and connect with our ideas and philosophies. However, they can’t do that if you don’t share them.

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