“13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective”
An Uncensored Narrative about Losing a Parent to Brain Cancer

PALM DESERT, CALIFORNIA – Thirteen years after losing her mother to brain cancer, author Manon Rinsma finally found strength to share her uncensored voice in a memoir. Under the slogan: “If you do feel lonely – let us be alone together,” she initiates honest conversations about heartbreaking moments in life.

Manon Rinsma, a well-traveled, adventurous millennial with a lot of invisible baggage, refused to become a victim of her circumstances. By helping people understand the experience of losing a parent from a 12-year-old’s perspective, she hopes to give insight and support to prevent others from missing out on valuable time.

13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from A Child’s Perspective is a story about family. It is about hope and all the beauty life has to offer, until the unimaginable strikes and a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball made itself at home, intruding in the happy lives of a loving family. 13 Diamonds portrays the feelings and views of a young girl who witnessed her mother, the brightest, most beautiful woman she knew, slowly die – taken by this horrific form of cancer. It is about strength, life, death, beauty, grief, and most importantly, it is a story about love.

For more information or special requests contact info@manonrinsma.com or visit the website http://www.manonrinsma.com

13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective is now available at Amazon.com

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