Manon Rinsma, MSc.

’92 ~ Dutch’ess ~ Rotterdam/Los Angeles

Manon Rinsma (25) is an International Award-winning Marketing Executive and writer. She graduated her BA in Communication & Marketing with honors in Commercial Management, and she finished her MSc in Media Psychology by the age of 23.

She worked with prominent international events, world-class commercial brands, a broad range of entertainment companies, and several governmental institutions. Manon traveled to 51 countries and has a true passion for connecting with people by sharing stories. Her motto: “Don’t be a victim of you circumstances, carpe diem!”

Honors & Awards
2013 ~ Honor Award, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, NLD
2012 ~ Winner of The Great Game Global Entrepreneurship Week Istanbul, TUR

Degrees & Certificates
(2018) ~ Business and Management in Entertainment, University of California Los Angeles, USA

2016 ~ American Prophet: Martin Luther King Jr., Stanford University Online, USA
2016 ~ Justice Certificate, Harvard University Online, USA
2015 ~ Masters in Media Psychology, VU University Amsterdam, NLD
2013 ~ Global Leadership Retreat Certificate, University of Southern Indiana, USA
2013 ~ Honors Degree, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, NLD
2013 ~ Bachelor in Communications, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, NLD
2012 ~ Advanced English Certificate, University of California Los Angeles, USA

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I just began truly delving into your blog and I absolutely love it. I connect with it in so many ways.
    I am a brain cancer survivor, but your blog helps me to see things from the caregiver’s perspective. Sometimes I question whether it is easier for me as the cancer patient, the person who fools myself into believing I have the control over this, rather than for my helpless family and friends who just have to watch it all unfold.
    I also have an incredible, overwhelming wanderlust, which in a way cancer has taken from me, but it has also stoked a fire in me (okay an obsession) that I just need to get out there into the world, to far-off places and escape!
    I look forward to reading so much more from you.

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