“Love to write, Live to coordinate, Looking to Inspire.” – Manon Rinsma-Leonard, MSc.

“Manon Rinsma, MSc – is a Dutch millennial, world traveler, event coordinator and writer. She graduated her BA in Communications with honors in the Netherlands, and finished her Master of Science in Media Psychology in 2015. She worked with prominent international events, world-class commercial brands, a broad range of entertainment companies, and several governmental institutions. Manon traveled to 51 countries and has a true passion for connecting with others and sharing inspiring stories.”

…Don’t be a victim of your circumstances, Carpe Diem…

What I do?

I write.

13 DIAMONDS – Life Before Death From A Child’s Perspective is a story about family. It is about hope and all beautiful life has to offer, until the inevitable strikes and a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball made itself at home, intruding in the happy lives of a loving family. 13 Diamonds portrays the feelings and views of a young girl who witnessed her mother, the brightest, most beautiful woman she knew, slowly die – taken by this horrific form of cancer. It is about strength, life, death, beauty, grief, and most importantly, it is a story about love.

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For more information or requests about signed copies,
the 2018 “Share Your Story in Short” Awards, charity
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I coordinate.

I explore.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I just began truly delving into your blog and I absolutely love it. I connect with it in so many ways.
    I am a brain cancer survivor, but your blog helps me to see things from the caregiver’s perspective. Sometimes I question whether it is easier for me as the cancer patient, the person who fools myself into believing I have the control over this, rather than for my helpless family and friends who just have to watch it all unfold.
    I also have an incredible, overwhelming wanderlust, which in a way cancer has taken from me, but it has also stoked a fire in me (okay an obsession) that I just need to get out there into the world, to far-off places and escape!
    I look forward to reading so much more from you.

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