July 26 ♥ Young Entertainment Magazine – Thursday Twitter Takeover

On Thursday’s Young Entertainment Magazine invites published writers to takeover their Twitter account to share stories, answer questions and give advice. In July, I will be one of them!

Read more about Young Entertainment Magazine or check out their Twitter @YoungEntmag

April 14 ♥ Radio Interview ‘The Onco’zine Brief’ on KFNX

(Interview link coming soon)

In March I was invited to Arizona for an Onco’Zine Brief radio interview on psychosocial support for children of a parent with cancer & 13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective.

April 11 ♥ “Three Pillars of Psycho-social Support for Children of a Parent with Cancer”

Editorial written for Medical Journal Onco’zine – The International Oncology Network: Naturally, the focus in a cancer story is the person with the cancer, because we need the patient to fight, get better, and live. It is the patient we all worry about, but what about their families? Standing helpless at the sideline?

February 13 ♥ Press Release Launch 13 Diamonds

Thirteen years after losing her mother to brain cancer, author Manon Rinsma finally found strength to share her uncensored voice in a memoir. Under the slogan: “If you do feel lonely – let us be alone together,” she initiates honest conversations about heartbreaking moments in life.

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